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SLIP AWAY (Chords & Lyrics)

By Johnny Juarez & Stephanie Lewis


C Em

F             C      G               Am           F
Found myself falling in an ocean of regrets                   C       G
Cause you said I never took a chance

F         C      G               Am                            F
  Over time I knew that I just had to make a change                C       G
Couldn't see the door in front of me



Dm                                          Em          F               Dm
      So take my heart cause it can't stop bleeding                              Em         F   G
Need to hear that you believe me


C                                Em    

Tell me what can I say
F                                           C       G

To find my way back to your arms
C                                       Em      

Can you meet me halfway
F                               C    G            C       Em

Cause’ I can't let your love       slip away

F             C      G                               Am           F
All the pain, the tears, the hurt and all the heartache
                  C       G
Made me see the chances I could take
F         C      G                       Am           F
In your eyes I saw a picture of a better place
              C          G
Give me time to show you what I mean
Dm                        Em    F
      Don't look the other way
Won't let your heart break
I'll show you how much I've changed
Dm                     Em  F
        So let's take a chance
And make my heart dance
I won't let your love slip away
C                                Em
     Tell me what can I say
C                                Em
     Tell me what can I say