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1. You And I

2. New Day Ft. Malynda Hale

3. Don't Want Run

4. Camouflage

5.Better Ft. Vanessa Juarez


7. This Christmas

8.Keep Your Head Up



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"August Avenue" 2013

Full Album

Acoustic Rock/Folk/Pop

1. Slip Away Ft. Stephanie Lewis

2. Fire Raining On The Sun

3. Compass Ft. Natalie Bermudez

4. Time And Space Ft. Katelynn Kull



Limited release only available in concerts.

"Fire Raining On The Sun" 2013


Acoustic Folk/Rock

"Slip Away" 2013


Acoustic Pop/Country

"Compass" 2013


Acoustic Pop/Country

1. Here I Go

2. Treasure

3. Get Up

4. You Are There 

5. Let Me Tell You 

6. A Blaze 

7. Reflections of You

8. Fly 

9. Santiago Sunrise 

10. My God



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"Here I Go" 2008

Full Album

Christian Rock/Pop


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